Nagtv has done it again, with three hot programs

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Nag Media has launched yet another set of fresh hot programs from it’s barely few weeks months after lock down.

The Chairman himself has put together top stars from the movie industry to make this new set of programs a reality.  The program will host the likes of the famous hilarious Berma Bediide, Louisa, the NAG and other top notch persons

These set of programs will be educative,entertaining and a compelling one for the youth dubbed Say No To DRUGS

Watch the banner below for the various programs:

Say No To Drugs: This program will hit the streets and educate the masses on reasons why they should not indulge in drugs. The chairman of the group indicated that this will facilitate the drug addicts from how to stop and finally quit drugs.

This program is also  geared towards the daily happenings in Ghana and beyond with the famous Nana Berma Bediide.


Coming Live On YouTube  Nagtv


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